Artificient is an AI-driven Deep Tech startup founded in 2021 and headquartered in Aachen, Germany. At Artificient, we believe in using efficient and affordable AI technologies of the future to improve road transportation safety today. Our technologies are rooted in years of research in transportation safety at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (RWTH Aachen University). 

Artificient provides an intelligent dashboard camera, enabling cutting-edge technologies in self-driving and driver sensing in aftermarket commercial vehicles to prevent accidents on the road. Our cloud fleet management panel offers more transparent insights into your fleet performance.

Let us assist you in your fleet business success !


To enhance road transportation safety with AI


To make roads safer to drive and the world better to live in

Why Choose Artificient

Save Money

Prevent road accidents before they occur to reduce your accident costs

Improve Driving Behaviors

Enable self-guided coaching for your drivers without fleet management intervention

Gain Full Visibility

Gain full insights into your drivers and fleet road performance

Incentivize Drivers

Motivate and reward your safe drivers with us

Elevate Fleet Risk Management

Enable early fleet management intervention before accidents not after

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Get flexible and discounted fleet insurance based on how your drivers behave on the road

Build Company Safety Culture

Build a road safety-oriented company culture

Avoid Frivolous Claims

Exonerate your drivers from frivolous claims

AI-Protected Travel
Driver Protection
Real-world Road Data

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