AI-Powered Predictive Vehicle Safety Technologies for Safer and Smarter Fleets

Prevent accidents, save money and lives on the road today !

Your Benefits

Save Money

Prevent road accidents before they occur to reduce your accident costs

Improve Driving Behaviors

Enable self-guided coaching for your drivers without fleet management intervention

Gain Full Visibility

Gain full insights into your drivers and fleet road performance

Incentivize Drivers

Motivate and reward your safe drivers with us

Elevate Fleet Risk Management

Enable early fleet management intervention before accidents not after

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Get flexible and discounted fleet insurance based on how your drivers behave on the road

Build Company Safety Culture

Build a road safety-oriented company culture

Avoid Frivolous Claims

Exonerate your drivers from frivolous claims

Enable AI in your fleet vehicles to prevent accidents before they occur


AI-powered Safety Technologies in One Mobile App

Computer vision via edge computing

Road Risk Awareness

Vigito's HD driver-facing and road-facing cameras monitor driver attentiveness and detect traffic signs, signals, and road users to anticipate potential road hazards in real-time. Combining additional external sensors, Vigito also identifies unsafe driving behaviors.
Driver Attentiveness Sensing
Distraction Detection
Fatigue Detection
Hazardous Driving Behavior Detections
Lane Departure
Traffic Rule Violation
Harsh Cornering
Road Traffic Sensing
  • Road users (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians) 
  • Traffic signals/signs
  • Time-to-Collision estimation

In-cabin adaptive alerts

Predictive Collision Avoidance

Vigito predicts imminent high-risk events based on the detected driver attentiveness and front road traffic in real-time. Vigito provides adaptive in-cabin visual and audio alerts for drivers to take corrective actions with additional response time, which is far more effective than conventional ADAS in collision avoidance.

Event capture

Post-incident Analysis

Vigito's HD camera system provides full visibility into driver behaviors and fleet performance by capturing high-risk incidents and synced to the cloud fleet management panel for instant review and risk management

Why Choose Vigito

Unparallel Reliable Performance

Cutting-edge AI technologies in self-driving and in-cabin sensing in a mobile phone

User Experience Matters

Our unique in-cabin alerts are adaptive to assessed road risks and individual driver risk tolerance to eliminate redundant notifications without annoying your drivers

Top Privacy and Data Security

All captured video data are processed in real-time and overwritten afterward

Enable AI in the cloud for smarter fleet management

Cloud Fleet Management Panel

More than a fleet management software

Fleet Risk Control

Track driver road performance and vehicle state across your fleet in real-time; Review the captured incident videos and receive immediate notifications to enable fleet manager early intervention and identify driver coaching to reduce road risk.

Driver Road Performance Scoring & Coaching

Track and get insights of driver and fleet safety performance over time with Artificient's Driver Road Performance Scoring; Transparent scored feedback enables drivers self-guided coaching to improve driving behaviors without the intervention of fleet manager

Cloud Incident Management

Automatic liability identification and incident report generation with video evidence, vehicle recording and other pertinent information for efficient insurance claims and exoneration

Driver Incentive Program

Safe drivers are valuable assets to your fleet. The first safe driving reward program that drivers can earn credit points from safe driving behaviors on the road and redeem gifts from our reward portal.
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